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Rigel House

Rigel at Cleethorpes Academy

Head of House – Mr A Frost

Tutors: KS3 KS4

RI1 Miss Quash-Jones
RI2 Miss Sullivan
RI3 Mr Goodey
RI4 Mrs Pearson
RI5 Mr Bellamey
RI6 Miss Arnold
RI7 Miss Weatherly
RI8 Mr Clarke
RI9 Miss Moore
RI10 Miss Brown
RI11 Mrs Appleton
RI12 Mr Hamilton

Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation Orion, the star as seen from Earth is actually a multiple star system of three to five stars, the primary star being Rigel, a blue-white supergiant which is estimated to be anywhere from 120,000 to 279,000 times as luminous as the Sun.

Rigel House is split into 9 different vertical form groups with an even number of students from each year group. All of Rigel's form tutors work incredibly hard to make sure that each pupil's start to the day is interesting and well structured.

Rigel is a House that believes every individual can make a difference to the whole group. The students are very keen to get involved in all House challenges and this year Rigel has enjoyed success in variety of house competitions. Rigel students have had a very successful run of maintaining being 'House Champions' since 2018.

We have unfortunately been effected by Covid as with everyone so inter-house competitions have had to be postponed and put on hold but now we are back in full swing this year and it is very much anyone's game so participation is the key and we need to be in it to win it again.

Sports day is a fantastic event and this year's plans to be even more exciting by offering double points so we need everyone giving it their best and building on our past successes.

Current House Champions – Rigel House

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

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