Young Shakespeare Company Brings Macbeth To Life

Year 10 Cleethorpes Academy GCSE students watch Macbeth performed in-the-round at the Academy by the Young Shakespeare Company.

Year 10 and 11 GCSE students had ringside seats for a visit from the Young Shakespeare Company. The Macbeth performance was staged in-the-round at the Academy with the students completely surrounding the stage area.

The emotionally-charged performance from a company of accomplished Shakespeare actors brought the students' English Literature studies to life and provoked a mixture of strong emotions from them.

Shakespeare actor Keith Higinbotham said: "Our aim is to give the students a better understanding of Shakespeare's intentions by bringing  the story of Macbeth to life right in front of them. We delivered a series of workshops to help them delve into some of the scenes a bit deeper and give them a greater understanding of the play for their GCSE exams."

Macbeth, played by Keith Higinbotham in an emotional scene from the play.

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