Technology Students Build Robot Duck, But Will It Walk Or Waddle?

Cleethorpes Academy Technology Club Year 7 and 8 students. (L-r) Logan Bore, Sienna Riley, Isabella Griffiths and Oliver Mummery with their robot duck. With them is Technology Teacher Keith Whitelam.

Cleethorpes Academy students are using Technology to answer that all important question - do ducks walk or waddle?

The after-school Technology Club takes place every week for an hour and has attracted a large number of Year 7 and 8 students. The aim is to build a duck robot with a race at the end of the term.

Isabella Griffiths said: "We are building a duck robot from scratch. We have to be really accurate to half a millimetre. We work from engineering plans and we have to be able to read the diagrams and get it as near as possible. We use a range of tools such as a drill, coping saw, files, sandpaper, protractor. There is quite a lot of Maths in it as we are making a prototype."

Keith Whitelam, Cleethorpes Academy Technology Teacher, said: "The students get to learn extra skills that are not in the curriculum, such as soldering, which gives them a broader outlook on Technology."

One of the robot duck prototypes.

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