Talk Encourages Students To Take A Stand Against Bullying

Paul Bell from charity 'Stand Against Violence' with Cleethorpes Academy Year 8 and 9 students (back row) Ruby Massey and Sami Charef, (front row) Chloe Spence and Kian Atkinson.

A talk by charity 'Stand Against Violence' brought the subject of bullying sharply into focus for students at Cleethorpes Academy.

Charity representative Paul Bell visited the Academy to get the anti-bullying message across by using real-life case studies focussing on the consequences for victims of bullying and violence.

He said: "Today I am here talking about anti-bullying and anti-violence and topics around that to try and help to keep the kids safe. We use true stories to get the message across, and again it is to try and make sure that children are not going to go through their school life intimidated or bullied.

"If we can spread a message and show the negative effects of bullying and violence then, hopefully, you will turn a kid's mind to realise what can actually happen. It is all about staying safe and being happy."

Following the talk, Year 9 student Ruby Massey said: "We listened to real life stories on how bullying affects people and it was eye-opening to see that one small word can affect people's lives dramatically.

"If you see anyone being picked on then report it straight away and ask if they are ok. If you are the one being reported for bullying then go and get help for yourself."

Paul Bell gives a presentation to Cleethorpes Academy students against bullying and violence.

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