Tackling Cyber Security In Landmark Government Project

(Left to right) Isaac Beeson, Brandon Arkin, Ernest Jasinski, James Willet, Logan Sayles and Jamie Hill, who are taking part in the Government's Cyber Discovery Competition.

Year 10 students are taking part in the Cyber Discovery Competition, the Government's landmark cyber security training programme, aimed at 14-18 year olds in the UK.

The Cleethorpes Academy students immerse themselves in four phases that span hundreds of hours' worth of challenges, tasks and games that have been designed to nurture their interest in the industry.

Players tackle everything from Linux to programming, providing them with context of the day-to-day activities of a cyber-security professional and introducing them to a wide range of specialisms.

So far the students have completed Cyber Assess and are working on Cyber Game. Still to come are the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Elite stages.

Students Isaac Beeson said: "This is a really entertaining and interesting project and we are all enjoying learning more about this industry."

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