RAF Impressed By Academy Designs In Race For The Line

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Cleethorpes Academy students compete in Race For The Line. Pictured is the winning team, (l-r) George Strangeways, Melissa Harris and Emily Oswin, with Cpl Naomi Freer (right) Cpl Louise Buttery (left) and Cpl Nick O'Connor, all from RAF Leeming. Also pictured are Ryan Bashford (left), Computer Science Teacher, and Sean Riley, Head of Computer Science.

Computer Science students from Cleethorpes Academy burned rubber when they took part in a UK-wide challenge to produce a scaled-down model of a rocket propelled car. Their car reached speeds of almost 50mph and was praised by members of the RAF for being one of the fastest they have seen so far.

The students were competing in the National STEM Competition, Race For The Line, in association with Bloodhound Supersonic Car. Later this year, Bloodhound will run for the first time on its specially-created race track at Hakskeen Pan, South Africa. Its team will be targeting 500mph – a key milestone on the journey to setting a new World Land Speed Record. The lucky winners of Race For The Line will go to South Africa to watch the race.

Three members of RAF Leeming visited Cleethorpes Academy. Cpl Naomi Freer, Cpl Louise Buttery and Cpl Nick O'Connor adjudicated the competition.

Cpl Buttery said: "The idea is for students to learn all about aero-dynamics. It was great to see the students engaging. They were given a block of foam and came up with some great designs. We were impressed that they made plastic wheels using a laser cutter. These were some of the fastest times we have seen. The cars are timed over the last metre."

The winning team was George Strangeways, Melissa Harris and Emily Oswin. Melissa said: "We designed the car in Computer Science. We made it pointed and curved and higher at the back. The point cuts through the air which is good for aerodynamics."

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The rocket propelled cars race for the line watched by students (above and below).

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