Performing Arts Task Highlights Students' Stagecraft

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Year 9 students, Chelsey Leggat, Fern Lawrence-Kitt, Ella Hufton, Georgia Soper, Milly Kerry, Scarlett Swinton, Lilly Cox and Abi Flowers, in a scene from Aladdin.

A project to write, cast and stage a pantomime performance adapted from an original story gave Performing Arts students at Cleethorpes Academy a chance to show off their skills and earn credits towards their final qualifications.

Two groups of 11 Year 9 students each took on the task, with one group choosing Peter Pan and the second group, Aladdin. The students had to handle every aspect of staging the performances, from rewriting the scripts to casting the parts, making the costumes, organising the stage sets and arranging the lighting.

Alex Frost, Performing Arts and Music Teacher at the academy, was so overwhelmed with the quality of their work that he asked the students to perform the pantomimes to their peers.

"They took on this challenge with such enthusiasm and produced an absolutely perfect example of what was required of them," said Mr Frost.

"Their pantomimes were so good that I could not let them pass without showing them to a bigger audience. The students, although a bit nervous because it was their peer groups, agreed to perform to students from Years 8-11. The audience really enjoyed their work and got involved in cheering them on. The Year 9 students gave two fantastic performances and I am very proud of them all."

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Aladdin. Fern Lawrence-Kitt, Abi Flowers, Scarlett Swinton, Milly Kerry, Georgia Soper.

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Scarlett Swinton and Milly Kerry in a scene from Aladdin.

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A scene from Cleethorpes Academy's Year 9 production of Peter Pan. L-R: Jessica Andrew, Elisha Hooper and Ella Foxon. Light & Sound engineers for this show were Jessica Patrick & Bethany Francis

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Peter Pan. L-R (back row) Maisie-Mae Collins, Rosie Reynolds, Megan Arnold, Jessica Andrew, Lauren Wharton, Ella Foxon, Courtney Griffiths and Lucy Sorensen. (Front row) Freya Sieling, Elisha Hooper and Grace Forward.

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