More High Grades Than Ever Before in Successful GCSE Results

Cleethorpes Academy GCSE students celebrate with Principal Janice Hornby.

Cleethorpes Academy students are celebrating a big improvement in GCSE results today with more students than ever before achieving the highest grades. These top grade 9s - the equivalent of an A** - have been achieved in a wide range of subjects, including English, Science, Art, Geography, History and Spanish.

69% achieved a standard pass in English and 65% in Maths. 68% of students achieved a standard pass (grades 4-9) in two Science subjects; 100% achieved a standard pass in Performing Arts; 85% achieved a standard pass in Spanish and 100% achieved a standard pass in Music. These are all increases on last summer.

Janice Hornby, Principal of Cleethorpes Academy, said today: "I am thoroughly delighted with this year's GCSE results. They show a significant improvement across a wide range of subjects and are testament to the hard work and commitment of both students and their parents, and our staff.

"There are many outstanding achievements, both in overall grades and the phenomenal progress individual students have made. I am extremely proud of all students and wish them continued success for the future."

David Hampson OBE, Chief Executive of Tollbar MAT, said: "I am particularly impressed with Cleethorpes students' GCSE results. They reflect their hard work, and the positive commitment and dedication of the staff at Cleethorpes Academy.

"I know how determined the staff are for the students to achieve educational outcomes that offer them positive opportunities for the future."

The Academy's two highest achievers (l-r) Bethany-Anne Mitchell and Robyn Ward with eight grade nines between them.

Libby Peterson was one of the Academy's highest achievers. She got 6 grade 7s in Maths, History, Spanish, English Literature, and two Science subjects. She also scored a grade 8 in Art. "I cannot believe it," she said.

One of the Academy's highest-achievers was Tommy Jarman-Holmes, who got 9 GCSEs, including a grade 8 in Science. "I am really pleased and relieved," he said.

Beth Downes opens her results. "I am so happy," she said of her 8 GCSEs, which included two grade 8s.

Bethany Jagger is astounded by her results, which she shares with her mum. She achieved 9 GCSEs with Grade 8s in Science, and both English Language and Literature.

Jake Harrison with his proud parents. He achieved a grade 8 and top grade 9 in Science subjects.

Among her successful subjects, Kacey Perkins achieved a fantastic grade 8 in History and a grade 7 in Science.

Toby Hicks achieved eight GCSEs.

Latisha Goodwin-Glover who, among her results, achieved three GCSE grade 7s, and Abbey-Rose Crampton, who achieved a grade 8 in Art and a Distinction Star in Creative Imedia.

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

Janice Hornby

Tollbar MAT Chief Executive

David J Hampson