Awards Celebrate Academy's Joy Of Music

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal Janice Hornby with the 2018 Music Award winners.

Cleethorpes Academy musicians were rewarded for their ability, effort and diligence at the Academy's Annual Music Awards.

Principal Janice Hornby praised the immense effort shown by the vast number of students who are now learning to play instruments at the academy outside of their ordinary curriculum lessons.

Music Scholarships were once again presented to a selection of students providing free Music lessons and entrance exams for the next 12 months. Awards were also presented for Progress and Contribution to Music at the Academy.

Mrs Hornby reiterated her belief that music greatly contributes to children's intellectual development and greatly enhances students' understanding and achievement across all curriculum areas.

"I am very proud of the progress and achievements of the students and the enthusiasm and dedication of all of the teachers here at Cleethorpes Academy," she said. "Music is at the heart of everything we do and I am proud to celebrate the achievements of students and to be able to share them with their parents and relatives."

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Academy Principal Janice Hornby presents the KS3 Most Promising Musician Award to Max Osgothorpe.

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Principal Janice Hornby presents the KS4 Most Promising Musician Award to Abbie Newton.

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Chloe Annard, Abbie Newton and Max Osgothorpe perform Skyfall.

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The Cleethorpes Academy Music Ensemble performing.

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Holly Larsen performs Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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Cleethorpes Academy Choir performs at the Annual Music Awards.

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Cleethorpes Academy students who received 12-month Scholarship Awards. They are (left to right): Joel Swinton (Percussion), Maisie Pearce (Woodwind), Evie Jarman-Holmes (Piano), Max Osgothorpe (Brass), Ebony Portas (Strings) and Charlotte Broddle (Voice). They are pictured with Principal Janice Hornby.

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