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Tremendous Drive Sees Car Washing Students Raise £804 For Charity

Cleethorpes Academy students raised an incredible £804.73 for Comic Relief after setting up their own car wash at the Academy, and also through a non-uniform day.

Cleethorpes Academy students raised a tremendous £804.73 for Comic Relief by running a charity car wash at the Academy for staff.

For a donation, bubbles of students in all year groups got out their sponges and buckets and cleaned vehicles all day to raise as much money as they could for charity. They also donated cash for wearing their own clothes for the day.

Principal Janice Hornby said: “The students cleaned the cars for a donation from staff. They were very were enthusiastic and did a fantastic job whilst having a great time and feeling that they were not only making the staff happy by cleaning their cars, but making a difference to others by raising this money. We are very proud of their efforts.”

Year 8 student Mason Stevenson said: “I really enjoyed this. It was good fun and great that we got to do something for charity. The cars were really dirty.” 

Gracie Knudsen, Year 10 student, agreed. She said:  "Some of the cars were really filthy and needed looking after. They were in desperate need of a wash. It was great that we got the opportunity to raise money for such a worthwhile cause."

Year 9 students clean staff cars for charity.

 Year 7 students put their backs into washing cars at the Academy for Comic Relief.

Year 8 students participate in the charity fundraising by washing staff cars.

Year 11 students take part in the car wash.

Year 10 students take part in the car wash for Comic Relief.

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

Janice Hornby