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Year 11 Students’ Resilience Rewarded By GCSE Success

Celebrating their GCSE results today are Jacob Fox, Libby Capes, John Cleveland, Abigail Golding, Jessica Gilliatt, Jac Allenby and Alice Clarkson with Cleethorpes Academy Principal Janice Hornby.

Students at Cleethorpes Academy are today celebrating an impressive set of GCSE results, in spite of time lost to Covid-19. The Academy ensured that all students had access to a computer or a laptop and the staff adapted quickly to ever changing circumstances, to continue to deliver quality lessons.  

Students took every advantage of the help offered by the Academy and, whether in school or online, worked to the best of their ability. This meant that they were able to adapt quickly to the requirements of the Examinations Boards and were able to provide evidence upon which to base their final grades. 

The Academy undertook robust and rigorous procedures to ensure that the grades awarded were accurately based on evidence from an extensive range of assessments and assignments across the course. 

The results were distributed to students at the Academy this morning in socially distanced groups, which complied with Covid-19 guidelines. Teaching staff were available to offer face-to-face advice and support to the students regarding their results and post 16 choices.

Individual successes included Jessica Gilliatt, who achieved five Grade 9s, including three in Science. “I was always challenged to do my best, especially in Science where I was amazed to get the Grade 9s!” she said.

Libby Capes said: “I am extremely pleased with my results, I wouldn’t have achieved them without the wonderful staff at Cleethorpes Academy.”

Dougie Wheat was pleased to have put in all the hard work. He said: “I knew I was going to have to graft hard to get where I wanted to be and be successful and that’s what I did, with loads of help from the teachers.”

Liana Gupta  said: “I am so happy with all the grades I achieved, lots of extra work provided by my teachers made a huge difference.”

Julia Kosmala will now study Construction Management at Grimsby College. She said: “I am really pleased. I worked really hard at home and in school to make sure I did well.”

Jac Allenby added: “I am really surprised at how well I did, after lots of hard work my motivation really paid off.” 

Janice Hornby, Principal of Cleethorpes Academy, said: “These results reflect the very strong Year 11 cohort at the Academy this year. My congratulations go to all of them, in what has been a very challenging time for everyone. Students can rest assured that these grades are thoroughly deserved and are a real reflection of their achievements.

“I would also like to thank the staff and students for their dedication and commitment throughout this turbulent period and parents/carers for their invaluable support. I would like to wish the students every success for their future.” 

Benjamin Szep, Joel Swinton, Alfie Taff and George Taff open their GCSE results at Cleethorpes Academy today.

Alice Clarkson and Jessica Gilliatt open their GCSE results at Cleethorpes Academy this morning.

Douglas Wheat checks out his GCSE results at Cleethorpes Academy.

Summer Walker opens her GCSE results.

John Cleveland and Jac Allenby are delighted to receive their GCSE results.

Jessica Gilliatt and Alice Clarkson celebrate with family and friends at Cleethorpes Academy this morning.

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

Janice Hornby