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Students Give Their Views As Academy Prepares For Vaccinations For 12 To 15-Year-Olds

Cleethorpes Academy students in Years 8-11 have been giving their views on the news that they can now receive a COVID vaccination. Pictured are Evie Andrews (14), Ryan Gupta (12), Alexander Clarke (13) and Ruby Massey (15).

Cleethorpes Academy is gearing up to act as a centre for the vaccination of its 700 eligible 12 to 15-year-old students following this week’s Government announcement on COVID jabs.

The Academy will act only as a location for the vaccinations, with the injections being delivered by nurses from the School Age Immunisation Service. Consent letters will be sent out by the service to parents in the coming week and the jabs are expected to get underway from Monday September 27. Those students with consent will be vaccinated in the school hall.

Janice Hornby, Principal of Cleethorpes Academy, said: “My main priority is the safety and welfare of my students and to ensure that the Academy can remain open. 

“In the next week the service will write to all parents to ask for their consent to deliver the vaccine. I can assure all parents that only children who have parental consent will be vaccinated. The school’s role is simply to offer a place for the programme to be delivered, but the situation regarding consent will be collated by the immunisation service. 

“We will set aside a hall for the vaccination clinic, most likely the one in which we have been COVID testing previously, and hope to have all students who have consent vaccinated in one day.“

Young people have endured 18 months of COVID disruption at school, which included lockdowns, remote learning from home, and cancellation of exams. The return of a “normal’ school day, with the removal of class bubbles less than two weeks ago, has been welcomed by students, and it is the desire to maintain this situation that appears to be fuelling their decisions on whether or not to have the COVID jabs.

Cleethorpes Academy Year 11 student Ruby Massey (15) said: “Personally I will get the jab because I have missed so much school that I don’t want to risk having to miss any more. It is my final year so it is important. I have done a lot of research myself and I am comfortable getting the vaccine. 

“I knew that this time would come for us to get it and I am not particularly nervous because I have had jabs in school before and I have always been made to feel quite comfortable. I think among my age group there is quite a mixed response to the jabs. There are some very wary people and some who are just going to get it as soon as it is offered.

“I am backing this 100 per cent if it helps us to continue to be able to move freely around school again and maintain some normality. It is so much easier to concentrate when you can change your space and environment every now and again rather than being in bubbles in one place. It makes it easier for me to concentrate and I don’t want to risk losing that freedom again.”

Year 10 student Evie Andrews (14) said: “I think COVID is never going to disappear and I am not nervous about getting the vaccine as I have had jabs before. It is so much better being back to normal school this term so I think I will probably get it.”

Year 8 student Ryan Gupta (12) was more reticent. “Normally vaccines take many months and maybe even years to bring to market so knowing that has made me kind of wary and also made me question if I want it. However, I think preferably I do want to have the vaccination just to be on the safe side.”

Year 9 student Alexander Clarke (13) said: “I agree it has been introduced quite quickly, but as long as it will work I will take it because I do not want to put anyone else at risk. We have missed a lot of schooling because of this virus and we have had to learn in bubbles so I hope the vaccine will help prevent that from happening again.

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

Janice Hornby