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Fabulous Turnout For First Face-To-Face Open Evening In Two Years

Janice Hornby (centre), Principal of Cleethorpes Academy, with visitors (l-r) Leanne Williams and daughter Elsie Fifield (10), and Year 10 students Jessica Roche and Millie Coppock, in the Textiles Department at the Open Evening.

Cleethorpes Academy showcased its new GCSE courses to an audience of around 500 parents and pupils at its first face-to-face Open Evening in two years.

The lifting of COVID restrictions has meant a return to some school events, but with safety measures remaining in place to protect everyone. This meant the event did not include talks in the Main Hall but involved small groups of visitors touring the school with a teacher as their guide. Everyone was encouraged to sanitise their hands as they entered and left the classrooms.

Principal Janice Hornby said she was thrilled to be able to open up the Academy to visitors again. “It has been a long time and we have had to weather some difficult periods, but I am really delighted to have been able to invite parents and children into school again. The turnout for the Open Evening was fantastic and it was nice to be able to showcase our facilities and our new courses to Year 6 pupils and we hope to see many of them join us here next September.”

This term the Academy has introduced new GCSE courses, including Health and Social Care, Child Development and Engineering, and teachers demonstrated  the content of the courses for prospective pupils to see. The aim is to offer students as many routes as possible into further education.

Darren and Andrea Welsh toured the Academy with son Travis (10) and daughter Tia (9). Andrea said: “We love the facilities here and we are keeping it in the family because I came to this school and our eldest too.”

Year 11 students Ewan Woodland, Joel Terry and Archie Sanders perform as their new band Radius in the Music Hall at Cleethorpes Academy Open Evening. Joining them are cousins and visitors Elliot Bray (10) and Lola Barlow (10).

Gracie Younger (10), Hannah Day, Joe Victory, Lola Victory (10) Donna Horton, Tiana Illingworth (Year 9 student), Tico Illingworth and Sharon Illingworth take a look at some of the Textiles' work at the Open Evening.

Cleethorpes Academy Choir entertains guests as they arrive for the Open Evening.

Teacher Mr Andrew Palmer (Curriculum Leader For Geography) chats with visitors Toby Quinn (10) and mum Kathy Quinn.

Cleethorpes Academy Year 9 and 10 students get fit on the rowing machines in the impressive Fitness Suite.

Visiting the English Department are Kyra O’Brien (10) with mum Katy Rayworth. With them are Cleethorpes Academy Year 10 students (l-r) Leoni Dixon and Rylee Lennox.

Health and Social Care Teacher Miss Heather Moore chats with visitors Kyeron Clapham (10) and mum Jade.

Making truffles in the new Food Technology classroom are Year 9 students, Ashlee Brown and Jessica Graves, with visiting family, James, Reuben (10), Jude (9) and Jo Harris.

Andy Thompson, Kaleigh Robinson and daughter Summer Thompson (10) watch Cleethorpes Academy Year 7 students, Evie Hammond and Kayleigh Gillatt, make bird houses in Design and Technology.

Twins Kieran and Sean Phillips take turns on the drums at Cleethorpes Academy Open Evening.

Science Teacher Mr Paul Hamilton (right) showcases an experiment to make ‘elephant toothpaste’ with (l-r) Charlie Donoghue (Year 11 student), and visitors Ashleigh-Jayne Sturman, Lily Paxton and Amelia Giles (all 10). 

Savannah Leggett (10) and Dad Lee try out the rowing machines in the Fitness Suite at Cleethorpes Academy.

Brother and sister, Travis (10) and Year 9 student Tia Welsh, try out the badminton at the Open Evening.

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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

Janice Hornby