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Learning Support

Learning Support

In the Learning Support Curriculum area the support provided to our students ensures that all individuals are given the greatest chance of success.

Please explore these pages to find out more about what we offer.

Ethos & Values

Learning Support seeks

  • To enhance children's quality of learning through the effective delivery of Literacy and Numeracy.
  • To raise attainment by creating a target-orientated culture based on the enhancement of basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • To have consistently high expectations and match these with high quality resources and teaching methods.
  • To provide a range of educational experiences appropriate to the age, ability and needs of individual students.
  • To ensure that each child achieves their full potential, regardless of any SEN issues.

Knowledge & Skills

Students will be given the opportunity to improve their Mathematics and English through the delivery of Literacy and Numeracy lessons.

Students in Years 7 and 8, identified as below National Curriculum level 4 in Mathematics receive lessons which are delivered in very small groups.

Students in Years 7 and 8 identified with a low reading score from their Key Stage 2 SATs receive individual or paired reading lessons.

Additionally, students are supported on an individual basis, either through the use of specialised programmes or in one of two Academic Tutorial rooms.

Resources & Facilities

In Learning Support there are currently six teaching rooms, two Social Inclusion units, two full sized mentoring rooms and four individual mentoring rooms.

Within the above there is a wealth of computers and programs, as well as resources designed to help individual students with specific difficulties.

In all of the classrooms and adjoining corridors, wall space is used to create informative and stimulating displays.

A team of teaching assistants under the direction and guidance of the SENCo provide additional support in lessons as well as helping individual students.

Courses & Qualifications

Years 7 and 8 use a wide variety of resources to improve their Mathematics, English, Literacy and Numeracy skills.

Years 9 – 11 use a wide variety of resources, both classroom and computer based.

Learning Outside The Classroom

An after-Academy homework club runs every night. Attendance is on a voluntary basis. Staff are available to support students individually. All students have access to the Academy's resources from the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Where Does This Take Me In The Future?

Additional support with Literacy, Numeracy and Reading ensures that all students have a good understanding of the basics – essential for any future job or further education.

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