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Computer Science

Computer Science

Currently technology is becoming a centre point of our day to day lives. Studying Computer Science at Cleethorpes Academy's helps our students develop skills that are required in both current and future jobs in the modern, digital world that we are currently living in.

Computer science is an exciting subject which is a focus point of many skills as it provides students with industry based skills which will greatly aid in supporting them with future careers within a very powerful profession. The vast amount of experience and enthusiasm within this subject from our ICT team greatly aid in supporting the teaching of this subject within Cleethorpes Academy. We also take influences from top educators within this subject with members of our staff attending and leading conferences about this exciting subject.

Please take your time to explore these pages to learn about what the department can offer you in relation to this essential subject.

Ethos & Values

  • To enhance children's quality of learning through the effective delivery of the Computer Science curriculum.

  • To raise attainment by creating a target-orientated, highly driven culture based on the enhancement of computing skills and creative use of them in coursework.

  • To have consistently high expectations and match these with high quality resources and learning strategies.

  • To provide a range of educational experiences appropriate to the age, ability and needs of our students utilising all the Computing resources to hand.

  • To challenge our highest ability students with a Computer Science course that fulfils the needs and requirements of recent National changes and industry guidelines.

  • To manage and create resources to ensure maximum benefit ensuring all resources are of outstanding quality and are easily accessible.

  • To adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of the delivery of all subjects within the faculty.

  • To be promoters of lifelong learning by continually training and developing new skills using the latest technology.

  • To challenge our students with a Computer Science course that fulfils the needs and requirements of recent national changes and industry guidelines.

Knowledge & Skills

Computer Science covers a wide range of skills that will help you towards most careers.

General skills may include:

  • Troubleshooting and computing maintenance.
  • Web design.
  • Digital Literacy
  • Research skills
  • E Safety awareness

As you progress further into the course your skills will develop to cover:

  • Software development and debugging
  • Games Development
  • Web development
  • Cyber Security and defence against hacking

Resources & Facilities

In Computer Science we have a number of dedicated Computer Science specialists, ranging from backgrounds in software engineering to web development. Our specialists are passionate about Computer Science and delivering the course to the best of their ability.

Python: We use python programming language to learn the basics of programing where students will learn how to command a computer to complete a range of tasks.

HTML: We use HTML to teach students how to create websites from pure code. Students will learn a range of tools to be used in their exams in year 11. These transferable skills underpin the fundamentals of website development and are vital in any computer science career.

Greenfoot: A programming application we use to provide students with an interactive visual tool to learn Java programming. Java is used in many different applications across the world, the most popular being database development and the Android operating system.

CodeBugs: We use Codebugs to teach basic computing techniques early in the course. Codebugs are hand held computers, similar to the BBC micro:bit. These allow students to explore how simple programs can be developed to create fantastic products such as embedded systems, wearable technology and interactive games.

Courses & Qualifications

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students are taught a wide array of skills to aid I supporting them with their students of their GCSE's. This includes:

  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Programming with Codebug's
  • Human and Computer Interaction
  • HTML and web design
  • Computer Systems
  • Computer networks and communication.

Key Stage 4

In KS4 students further develop the Computer Science skills touched upon in KS3, to achieve a GCSE in Computer Science with Eduqas.


Students will learn a mixture of theory (so students understand the enduring principles and abstract concepts of computer science) and computational thinking and practice (so students learn how to solve problems, write efficient code and build working systems).

Students will learn how to program the computer to complete a range of tasks which will be used to solve problems, make websites, develop 2D algorithms and understand the nitty gritty details of computing.

The founder of Facebook had this to say about computer programming:

"Programming is one of the only things in the world that you can do where you can sit down and make something completely new from scratch on whatever you want."

In Computer Science you will be assessed on the following key Topics on the Course:

  • Understanding Computer Science – Written Exam (50%)
  • Computational Thinking and Programming – Online Exam (30%)
  • Software Development - Non-exam Assessment (20%)

Learning Outside The Classroom

Coursework Catch-Up:

There are numerous sessions during the year where students are invited to attend coursework catch-up sessions after school and at weekends and during half term where they can come in and do their work in a relaxed atmosphere with more one to one help from staff.

Programming club:

Students from all years can learn how to program in various programming languages such as Scratch and Python. This can develop existing skills or build new ones that will help those undertaking Computer Science qualifications. Students will also get the chance to use the Codebugs and Raspberry Pi's to expand on their learning in more depth conducting a full range of interesting and enjoyable activities.

Where Does This Take Me In The Future?

People who study computer science were once stereotyped as geeks who would rather spend their weekends writing code than seeing friends, but in today's tech-driven economy, skilled programmers are virtual rock stars. Choosing to study any computer science course (computer science or information technology (ICT), definitely sets you up for a high-paying job after you leave school.

  • Software Engineer
  • Games Designer
  • Games Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Miner
  • Software Architect
  • Security Expert
  • Intelligence Officer

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