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Capella House

Capella at Cleethorpes Academy

Capella is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga, the sixth brightest star in the night sky and the third brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.

Capella House is split into nine different house groups which are set up vertically giving an even spread of representatives from each year group within each form. This vertical system allows for a real family feel to the House. This sense of family and community is paramount to the successes that Capella House has experienced so far.

2018-2019 was another successful year for Capella. Although we were beaten to the overall House Competition Cup, we came in first place at Sports Day which is an incredible achievement. Rigel were worthy winners and the pressure will now be on Capella to reclaim the trophy this year with a wider range of competitions meaning that more students than ever before will be able to compete and take part. Participation and team work will be key this year if we are to be successful.

As mentioned, sports day was a fantastic event and proved to be an outstanding victory for Capella, holding that top spot for the past two years. Capella students were outstanding in their attitude and their commitment and a number of records were broken on the day. Students from across the years groups teamed together and put their best foot forward; this meant that we blazed out in front of the competition.

We strive for excellence in all areas in Capella House and we take pride in our successes and we learn from our near misses. Most important of all, we respect each other and we support each other. Every student in Capella has an important role to play.


Prefect Deputy
Capella 1 Samantha Reed Connor Wren
Capella 2 Joshua Jones Alice Clarkson
Capella 3 Logan Sayles Eloise Smith
Capella 4 Harry Rowntree Harrison Lacey
Capella 5 Rosey Spencer Chloe Parry
Capella 6 Richard Hughes Courtney Salkeld
Capella 7 Demi Morgan Taylor Lacey
Capella 8 Abi Flowers Jessica Gillatt
Capella 9 Lauren Wharton Benjamin Szep
Capella 10 Ben Tremblay Maddison Middleton
Capella 11 Tamsin Tasker Morgan Adams
Capella 12 Paige Smith Katie Johnson

Sports Captains

BOYS CAPTAIN - Jack Butters

GIRLS CAPTAIN - Elisha Hooper

Vice Sports Captains



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Cleethorpes Academy Principal

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