Rigel House

Rigel House is split into 9 different vertical form groups with an even number of students from each year group. All of Rigel's form tutors work hard to make sure that each pupil's start to the day is interesting and well structured.

Rigel is a House that believes every individual can make a difference to the whole group. The students are very keen to get involved in all House challenges and this year Rigel has enjoyed success in variety of house competitions:

Rigel Victories 2014-15
Copper Challenge
Literacy Numeracy

We are very proud of the hard work the students put in to making the House successful and also achieving great things in the classroom. With this come great rewards, not just for Rigel, but more importantly for the individual students within the House. We are looking forward to 2016-17 and hope that we can again challenge for the House title.


The prefects listed below have been chosen because of the effort and contribution they make to form time and Academy life as a whole. These pupils are proud to be Rigel prefects.

Brandon Connor RI1
Lucy Calendar RI2
Molly Richardson RI3
Jazz Warburton RI4
Abbie May Emslie RI5
Muhammed Ali RI6
James Crookes RI7
Dave Revell RI8
Lilya Baker RI9

Sports Captains

The sports captains have been chosen because of the commitment they have shown to sport in the Academy both whilst representing the school and by representing their House in Interhouse competitions.

Sports Captain Kewell Huddlestone
Sports Captain Ebony Allen
Vice-Captain Josh Stones
Vice-Captain Scarlett Swinton

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